The trouble with Mr R. now having his own camera is now that I have another set of photos that I can either share or disregard. My dear husband loves capturing me in candid moments and then using them as screensavers on his desktop. Anyway, some of them are funny, but all make me realise how unfit I am, physically.

First up. Our mornings always begin with coffee, and it’s not always as easy as plugging in the electric jug. This is at Condobolin, NSW.


I mentioned earlier that there wasn’t enough water at Condo to put the kayaks in.


This next one is at Dunbogan, after we came in from our short, experimental kayak trip. The pelican hoped we’d been fishing. We didn’t like kayaking there much, what with tides and wind, and the oyster farm frameworks on both sides of the boat ramp.


All of our ‘on the road’ days wind down with a stubby of stout at 4pm, mostly in front of a campfire. This last photo was taken at Dunbogan, too. We no longer drink alcohol at home, but look forward to it while travelling. It’s hard work doing nothing!


These pics were taken by Mr R.  I can’t recall what type of camera, and haven’t time to check before this laptop goes to sleep.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    That’s sweet of him. He’s taking some good shots. Heard on the news the Hume wear is down to 40%. There will be a few drowned towns showing their heads again.
    You need to get yourself some fingerless gloves. Also in the cheap shops they are selling hand warmers, for about $1, that you keep in your pocket. Stays warm for hours.

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