Yesterday started with blue skies, so I got out with the Nikon D3000, and my gumboots. In a rain-soaked eucalypt, by our yard, I found a few striated pardalotes busy among the wet leaves.




We went into town today – it was nice to get in the car and go somewhere. Mr, R. had to get a script, and I went shopping. He was in and out of the Doc’s pretty smartly – the receptionist now has an acrylic screen up in front of her, as did the checkout stands in the supermarket. At 9:30 am, the supermarket wasn’t overly busy and I kept my distance pretty well while I whipped around.

Though there wasn’t a shred of toilet paper in the aisles, there was a huge stack at the front of that aisle where they usually put the ones on special. I didn’t bother getting any as I have plenty. There were some brands of tissues this time. Cake mixes were nearly gone! I got my favourite brand of gravy mix, so happy about that.

I gave Mr. R. the spare key to the car so he wouldn’t need to come into the supermarket. I wore gloves, donning them before getting cash out of the autoteller for our first wood delivery of the season. I was pleased to see that a lot of other shoppers wore gloves, too. I didn’t bring my own shoppings bags, so I wouldn’t have to pack them myself. Besides getting me in and out quicker, hygiene-wise it was better to pay the extra for the plastic reusable bags. They make lovely strong storage bags, or garbage bags, when camping.

So, it’ll be bit over two weeks before I need to venture out again for my own script.

Do stay safe. Stay positive.



Striated Pardalote


9 thoughts on “Striated Pardalote

  1. I really love those tiny pardalotes, CJ: they used to fly madly around the jetty on Dangar Island when we lived there and Chic was getting the boat out while I waited to be picked up ..
    As for your outing, it’s all good. All sensible. Well, other than that there must be something wrong with you to not need any toilet paper. [grin]

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  2. Sue says:

    Yes, I always buy toilet paper when its on a crazy special. Have plenty, I don’t understand why people think they need so much toilet paper. They have made it hard with other food supplies as well, if they weren’t so greedy it wouldn’t make it so difficult for everybody else. At least they are limiting the numbers going in. Angela next door said she has seen the same shoppers day after day getting full loads of shopping. She reckons the older people are the most rude and she has just learned to ignore them. They give the girls on the check-outs a really hard time. Brian knows of one elderly couple that have a mini supermarket in their Cellar, shelves set up and chock a block. He said the stuff will be out of date before they can even get to use it. Just take care as much as you can. I have been getting Woolworths delivery and clean everything down with metho before taking inside. Only takes a few minutes and I throw the bags away. If I had room I would hang them outside for a few days, just in case. Take Care

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    • “Angela next door said she has seen the same shoppers day after day getting full loads of shopping.” Don’t forget some people shop for others. My mum has people from her support organization bring her groceries, and now there’s whole networks supporting the people who must stay at home. So, not every daily shopper is doing the wrong thing. I feel for people who have big families and can’t buy their usual quantities of food. It must be scary, and I can understand why they then ‘need’ to stock up on other things, just in case. I got two packets of mylanta because they were the last ones, when I only intended to get one – but then I couldn’t help myself, just in case they never get in more stocks. More than likely, they had more out the back that they’ll bring out when the special is over. 🙂


    • Thank you. The danger levels locally aren’t too bad at the moment, methinks. I got a council circular in the mail yesterday and just – without thinking – licked my finger before turning it over to read the back – oops. I had no urge to go wash my mouth out with soap and water for 20 seconds!


  3. sue says:

    I can picture you rushing to the tap spitting though.
    The people who are doing the extra shopping are pensioners and are getting in before early, maybe they are getting it for others but they are taking advantage of how its for emergency workers first (they get abused usually by the same pensioners) then pensioners, then general public. Angela has even seen them came back later in the day as well. They have even tried getting over the limit with things like toilet paper and kick up a fuss when it is taken off them.
    Wearing masks is only effective if everyone wears them. If you are infected and wear a mask you contain the germs inside the mask. If you don’t wear a mask and are infected, then sneeze on people who are wearing a mask they can get affected as the germs will be on the outside and they don’t know how to remove the mask safely.
    Everyone needs to be shown on t.v. what to do to be safe. I have seen a few people wearing masks and they keep touching their face, It obviously feels uncomfortable. They end up with a false sense of security this way.

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