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Friday Feline


13 thoughts on “Friday Feline

  1. They are, of course, ADORABLE ! That torti is going to be breathtaking (even though I have a terrifically soft spot for marmalade tabbies ..)

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    • They reckon it happens. There’s this big horrible looking boof-headed black-and-white thing comes around when they’re on heat. Plus a fluffy tabby and the resident ginger tom.


    • No. I started feeding them inside a dog-training cage before they were weaned. I organised their owner to pick them up before I shut the door on them. They went berserk! A second mummy cat went in with them, trying to feed the kittens – she’s had her first litter and I think she’d had a single living kitten by her used nipples, but it must have died for she started feeding these half-siblings. She was the ginger tabby, would let you pick her up, but dangerous as she’d run and head-butt your legs – an accident waiting to happen! I was sorry to see her go but can’t have unlimited wild cats running around here.

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  2. Anonymous says:

    Your right, it’s not safe for humans and also local fauna. Good to have a domestic cat, but smart to have it neutered, wish people would be a bit more responsible. Terrible when you see a mangled bird that has been caught by a cat.

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