I needed to get some cash for our next load of firewood, so popped into town this morning to do that and also top up the pantry, fridge and freezer. The ignition sounded a little sluggish so we decided to go for a drive later in the day – give the battery some much needed charge. So, after lunch, we headed off to Colbinabbin where the town recently had some silos painted with relevant historical scenes from their past.


Just a couple of close-ups today. I’ve got some on my phone which I’ll share tomorrow.  The sun was behind the silo tops, so the vibrant colours have been washed out by the light. These silos were painted by a bloke from Benalla, Tim Bowtell, over an eight week period in March and April. Took his mind of Covid-19, he said. The viewing part was roped off, and signs warned of social distancing and only 20 persons allowed past the ropes at any one time. I wonder how that worked out over the long weekend just gone!


Next, heading back the way we came, but just up the road, we turned right, past vineyards and farms, through Corop, and on to Greens Lake.  One can free camp there.


Again, dazzling sunshine and hazy skies washed out the view. A lone pelican fishes on the far side. Not in these pictures, another pelican and several cormorants try their luck, too.


Then we walked to the little lake which comes off this one – it’s called Fresh Lake. And I was rapt to get ducks, swans and pelicans. There is a channel joining the two bodies of water, so when the lakes are higher, one would be able to kayak from one to another.


We walked along a little track, by heavily vegetated edges of Fresh Lake.


That reddish stuff on the ground in the photo above was an interesting cactussy-looking plant.




We headed off home, happy with our time out of the house. Spotted a kangaroo, but was too slow pulling up before it and its companion were off.


If we get some nice weather, we might pop back for a few days, with the camper trailer, and the kayaks. Thanks for looking. Stay safe.


silos, Wednesday Walk

A drive, and three mini walks today


9 thoughts on “A drive, and three mini walks today

    • Many thanks, Crispina! I had no idea to even start identifying the succulent – it IS glasswort, a Beaded Glasswort, native to Australia and New Zealand, according to our agricultural website. It appears they might turn reddish with their uptake of salt. There were smaller plants that were all green, and some half-and-half. I’ve been taking more notice of flora this past year, in our travels, but not bothered much with identification.

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      • Salt marshes… everywhere here, and tussocks of sedge pepper the pastures, cos cattle, sheep and horses won’t touch them. Time was, our local thatchers used sedge to thatch the roof-ridge but while thatched roofs are making a comeback (now we don’t used coal fires) they’re not cutting the sedge.

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        • Your latter comment prompted me to do a quick Google, and it seems sedge is a rather nasty product to use, and most thatchers these days have only been trained to use one or two materials – out of water reed, combed wheat straw and longstraw. Though it lasts longer, looks like your sedge is in no immediate danger. 🙂

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