This walk was done Sunday, 14th June, under a mixed blue and grey sky. We’d had the car out of the driveway for a firewood delivery so, since I had to get in the car anyhow, I suggested to Mr. R. that we pop up to the north side of town and walk a bit of the O’Keefe Rail Trail.  As the trail leaves the back of town, it joins an unsealed road for shared use.


We parked the car and set off, with me lugging the Nikon D3000. Here, on our right, we look past the vineyards to Mt. Ida. Our fire lookout tower is up there. Nearly went up there instead of going to see the Colbinabbin Silos that day.


Being Sunday, we encountered dog-walkers and cyclists, so we diverged on to a forest track, where I followed this little bird around in the forest litter.


Using The Slater Field Guide to Australian Birds, I couldn’t identify it. Really must track down my What Bird is That? book. Haven’t seen it for years.


I’ve mentioned before how Heathcote was the site of the McIvor Gold Diggings and how there are mine shafts all over the place. We came across several fenced areas.


After reading the sign I trod lightly – well – as much as a 81 kg woman can.


I wonder how often curiosity wins out and dare-devils scale the fence for a better look. The next one had a shaft in the background and another shaft or tunnel so dangerous that it had to be grated – against such dare-devils, I guess.


I stayed firmly on my side of the fence and looked out for the nearest used track. Never before had I given a thought to the danger of tunnels collapsing underneath me.


We soon rejoined the Rail Trail.  This marker tells us we are 75 miles from Melbourne, by rail.


And that was it. Back to the car and a short drive home. Thanks for walking with us.


Birds, Wednesday Walk

Wednesday Walk


10 thoughts on “Wednesday Walk

  1. sue says:

    That little feathered friend is so cute. Looks like it could be on a toffee or chocolate box. Your probably wandering around where some of our ancestors trod. One of the Ebbels (Thomas) had an upholstery place in Heathcote, not far from the hotel and he did a bit of gold mining as well. Remember someone had a mining lease at one stage but I can’t remember who it was. You are living amongst history. Beautiful area but you would think Council would have people in while its cooler to get rid of some of the litter. And perhaps let the locals collect the wood.

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    • No, no, no, Sue – that litter is habitat for wildlife. Until nature takes its course. 🙂 Did I know that about your Ebbels? Just checked J.O. Randall’s ‘McIvor: A History of the Shire and the Township of Heathcote’ on page 314 – in March, 1873, T. Ebbels advertised that he was a cabinet maker, upholsterer and Undertaker.


  2. sue says:

    That’s him. Don’t know exactly where he fits in, as you know the ancestors continually used the same names. There is only 1 Ebbels that I haven’t found a family connection for and that is one in South Australia (could be from a German family or just picked it himself). Mum wasn’t very familiar with her relatives further than her immediate Uncles. She was busy doing her nursing training. She didn’t even realize that the names she heard when everyone was gossiping were mostly family members. But little miss big ears (me) put two and two together when I started doing Ancestry. Gee I wish Auntie Grace had kept diaries, she knew everything and everyone.

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