This walk really was a Wednesday, today, just after lunch. We headed towards town, over the footbridge and turned left right away to make our way to the bit of bush this end of Argyle Street. I was  hoping for another Hooded Robin sighting.


On the way, spotted a couple of these birds, but they nicked off pretty quickly.


So, we continued town-ward on said Argyle Street, crossing Dairy Flat Road. Four merino sheep, the ones you’ve seen before, live on the left.


I’ve probably taken a picture, before, of these  old stock yard remnants.


Nearing the end of Argyle Street, I can’t resist the kangaroo fence. I wonder it I could make one myself – probably a lot easier today than when this one was made. By the way, our Aussie dates are shown in the day/month/year format. I never think where the date will be when I frame a shot. It’s nearly always cropped out, of course.


Before we turn left into Grant Street, we spot a trio of Red-rumped Parrots.


Since there is lots to share from our three-block-walk, I’m popping in a break line here.

Barely anytime at all, Grant Street runs out, and we take a right into Gilroy Street. We notice the unsealed road has been graded. Up over the hill, we spot a magpie.

We only go half the length of Kilroy Street, turning right again, into Mears Lane. The coloured sheep are a fair way away, but I can see the two lambs are growing quickly.



At the end of Mears Lane, we turn right, into Kilmore Road’s service lane. Homeward.


The gazanias are still flowering here and there, but looking ragged.

The shape of some gum leaves and their blossom catches my eye.


If you know what this tree is, do tell. Save me looking it up. It has a pale yellow blossom. [sigh]  I decided not be be lazy and Google kindly lead me to this website: Identification of Eucalyptus Species on Australia’s East-Coast.  I’ll look tomorrow as I’m short on time.


Now, where were we? Oh yes, homeward bound – the footbridge is at the end of this street. By the way, this part of town is ‘rural roadside’ postal delivery. Since it’s one-way street, most mailboxes are put on the other side of the service road to make it easier for the mailman to lean out his window to deliver the mail – we have right-hand drive cars, of course.


But, before we cross Dairy Flat Road, I spot an eagle being dive-bombed by a magpie.


So we end up going right into Dairy Flat Road, hoping the eagle would loop closer.


The magpie didn’t give up until the Wedge-tailed Eagle glided away.


Told you there were lots of photos! We turned back into Argyle Street and I decide to check the trees at the end, again. No Hooded Robins, but did spot a Striated Thornbill – a bird I might or might not have seen before.




Heading for the footbridge, still scanning the trees, I spot another magpie, resting.


I turned the camera off. But, just over the footbridge I spot the pair of crimson rosellas that seem to have dogged us the whole way, but never got close enough for a shot. Here’s one.


And that’s it. Thanks for looking. Do take a breather!





Wednesday Walk

Wednesday Walk


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  1. sue says:

    MY GOODNESS YOU HAVE HAD A BUSY DAY. Beautiful photo’s as usual. I suppose you could make a mould of the Kangaroos if your neighbour would let you. Would look great, kangaroos everywhere.

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    • Being quite artistic, I’m sure I could make my own moulds, no problem, just from these photos. Must take notice how thick they are. At a guess, I’d say five or six inches. It’d be a lot of fun to make!


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