Spotted these Grey Teal ducks while on our walk yesterday. Sharing some of the seventeen shots I took.


I’m not sure I’ve identified Grey Teal ducks before – it hangs out in Australia and New Zealand and sometimes ventures further abroad.


They weren’t perturbed by me, but only because I think they were concentrating on each other. Male and female Grey Teal ducks look much the same. The bill is dark green, though it looks blue here. The eye is red.  One of our smaller ducks, apparently.


Thanks for looking.




Anas gracilis: Grey Teal


6 thoughts on “Anas gracilis: Grey Teal

  1. sue says:

    They are rather cute. There have been a couple of ducks roaming around, seen them when taking the dog for his walk. They must have adopted someones swimming pool. These have a slight crest on the top of their heads.

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  2. sue says:

    When the kids were little they were friends with the kids over the road. They had a swimming pool and the ducks made a nest in the shrubbery at the back. When the little ones were able to swim, we caught them and put them in a box and took them to the zoo. They had a kiddy petting zoo at the back and a duck pond, also it backed onto the river so they could take their choice.

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