This walk was on the 15th August, 2020. Mr R. and I headed off down the side lane, wearing our masks until we got past the back neighbour’s house. We are on Stage 3 restrictions, while metro Melbourne has moved to Stage 4. Masks are now mandatory for all Victorians leaving their house. I think we are on this current lockdown stage until mid-September. Thankfully the contagion rate is dropping now. Human error helped the virus escape from hotel quarantine.  Once it got into the aged care facilities, and people started dying, the public took more notice of the rules, methinks.

Off we go … doing the forest loop …


a pony is in with the coloured sheep on this day
the Hereford cows

Decided to leave out all the blurry bird pictures.

wicked-looking red-eyed choughs in the forest reserve
Choughs – you can see the white wing feathers in flight
alpacas and sheep
curious cows, in the alpaca paddock
these are the weirdest coloured sheep I’ve ever seen
‘proper’ black sheep
And the herefords again, so nearly home.

Thanks for walking with me. Stay safe.


Managed to get the hang of this new block editor. Grrrrr.

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