This walk was short, and aimed at these flowers which I’d spotted the day before whilst driving past. So, a few days ago, we walked down our side lane to check out these large lily-like flowers.

Do you know what it is? I had a quick look, but couldn’t see anything like it. The blooms are a little smaller than a belladonna lily.

On the way, we spotted some of the usual interesting sights…

Putting a page break here.

On the way back – for it was just a short walk – I caught a glimpse of a pair of colourful Eastern Rosellas. I see them more often these days, from afar.

I remembered to look up at a hollow branch where galahs had shown interest. One popped out – a female by the colour of her eyes.

Took a bit of wriggling to get out before she snuggled up to her mate – I’ll show you those photos tomorrow.

A magpie forages among the daisies…

And then we’re home, walking past my front garden. This iris is special as I bought it home from mum’s years ago but this is the first time it’s flowered.

Now that regional Victoria is free again, we may go camping in a few weeks, after the rush dies down and the school holidays are over. There is a ‘ring of steel’ around metro Melbourne to keep them from us and a hefty fine for those who seek to sneak out to enjoy our liberties.

Thanks for looking. Stay safe.


Wednesday Walk

Flowers, Sheep and Birds


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