Small White Butterfly in milk thistle (Nikon D3000, 10 Nov 2020)

Thought I better check in – let youse know I’m still alive. I’ve been getting my garden into shape, and doing ‘one last binge of family history before tackling the all important last leg of my novel,’ but…. sigh….

I’m thinking off writing off 2020! 

My headspace sucks. Hope yours is better


Talk to you tomorrow.

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Small White Butterfly


7 thoughts on “Small White Butterfly

  1. Sue says:

    How you going, been thinking about you but haven’t gotten around to contacting. You will be feeling a bit better with being allowed to travel if you want to.
    Been feeling so tired lately, and everything is aching, sinuses & hayfever being annoying.. This weather is driving me nuts. Today has been so humid and hot but tomorrow it’s supposed to be back down to 24. I left dancing early (doing the door, not dancing any more, feet too sore, & Brian’s M.S. been playing up a bit). Left early last night, got home as it started to rain and decided to risk it, from car to front door I was saturated.
    I’ve been doing a bit of Ancestry. Have got my new computer and thought that now the tax books are done I could spend a bit of time on it. Put a # mark on the end of each one I enter, that way I don’t have to open it up and check to see if I have entered it. Had a couple of people contact me with info and asking for same. I must go and check up on who has messaged me during the year and if I was able to help them.
    Have been on Facebook a little, it’s easier to just grab if you have a few minutes. Been letting off a bit of steam by querying people who insist they know everything and that they have special insights into things. If you ask them for proof or how did they know that etc. some get really pissed off and get nasty. I know I shouldn’t but I will tell them they are naughty or give them a tut tut and some get pissed off at that, they want an argument so they can prove they are superior. LOL maybe I am starting to become a senile old woman, (it’s fun thought)
    Look after yourself and stretch your legs for a bit.
    Love to you and Rob – Sue

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    • Hi Sue, it’d be a waste of time emailing me anyhow – I’m doing that head in the sand thing again, not even checking inboxes, which is pretty stupid. Be careful on Facebook, Sue, it can be pretty toxic. I only have family and relatives as friends but have hardly been on it this year. Weather is crazy. Just got to get used to it, I suppose! I’m keeping my eyes open for some light wind days so we go away for a few days with the kayaks. There’s a lake up near Corop which we’ve looked at a few times, but haven’t camped at yet. Take care.


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