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I’m off into town to pick up my hearing aids this morning!


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A splash of red…


7 thoughts on “A splash of red…

  1. sue says:

    So now you will be able to hear us when we talk to you. LOL, sorry couldn’t help myself. I have to go to specsavers, my glasses are long overdue, they are becoming hard to see out of, the coating is getting a bit of a blurr to it. Rang them today and they were able to fit me in tomorrow. Looks like people are still not back into their routines, usually have to weeks to get in. My MacBook just had an update come in, I said to do it overnight, then I couldn’t work out why I couldn’t start it up this morning. It had switched off, so opened it, did whatever they wanted and I now have BigSur, I hadn’t got used to the one that came with the new lap top and now it has changes for me to get used to. At least Launchpad has everything on it. Maybe I should just tell Siri and she can sort it out.
    Love Sue


  2. sue says:

    Hope you and Rob are going ok. Haven’t heard from you for ages, was starting to get a bit worried, though I did think maybe you had been working on your book.

    Hope you kept well during the lock downs, thank goodness everything is freeing up again. I think when more people have had the vaccine it will get better and restrictions will be loosened up a lot.

    Thought I would send the message this way as sometimes you forget to check your emails and with gmail I am never sure if it sends properly. Sometimes I have sent a message and when I have checked it has gone into drafts., bigpond is a bit better lately but did have some trouble a couple of months ago.

    Love Sue


    • Thanks Yvette. I just dropped in myself, to see if I was okay, too! Been going okay. Had my 2nd covid-19 vaccination last Tuesday. Barely felt it this time. So, another few weeks and we might venture out for some camping. Springtime is just round the corner here Downunder. I hope you’re well — I’ll pop by your blog and see what you’ve been up to.

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      • Hi! Thanks for the reply and oh how nice that spring is around the corner for you! Fall is out next season around the corner and I am not quite ready yet – but should be when it rolls on in!


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