I can’t resist photographing these Small White butterflies going about their business with this purple-flowered bush.

They usually have their wings closed on landing, but one decided to be different this morning.

Thanks for looking.


Oops, I missed another daily post!

Post 14/365 (missed 3)

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Small White


One thought on “Small White

  1. sueouzounis says:

    Looks like it is part of the flower and when it closes its wings up it will enfold the flower.
    You are allowed to miss one or two here and there, you are doing better than earlier this year.
    We have had some warm days for the last 4 days (30’s) but it is dropping so my sciatica is playing up. Look a bit ridiculous when I walk through the hospital with a knuckle pushed onto a pressure point. Last treatment today, then next week gynea, hopefully no more after that.
    Heard that some areas in Victoria had a lot of rain yesterday, all the dams & reservoirs should be nicely filled for the summer.

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