And almost nine months on … so much can happen in that time and I can’t just pretend I haven’t been ‘missing’ — again!

I picked up my hearing aids after the last time I posted. WOW. I stepped out into the street and just, wow. The noise was incredible. I had to take out one aid after I got home, and I turned the other down so I could cope. I now wear both from the time I wake until the time I go to bed, at the set volume. I can hear birds twittering and frogs croak. It’s awesome.

My garden is progressing. I may have mentioned I was turning the yard into a cottage garden. It’d be done now, if I could leave the family history alone. The first gerbera flower has appeared, the nectarine is blossoming, and the iris bits I brought home from mum’s a few years ago are promising a great show this year.

Let’s not overdo my first post back.

I’m setting comments to be approved before they appear. But don’t let that put you off. Go ahead!

Do take care.

A few minutes in the garden, Agricultural, Catch Up

And almost nine months on …

Birds, Catch Up

Catch Up

Hello People, yes, ’tis me. Not much happening on here lately. But I’ll be back writing most days now. For some insane reason, I signed up for the rerun of Zero to Hero – now call Blogging 101 – which got me thinking about this 101 business. Off to Wikipedia

The term 101 (pronounced “One-oh-one”) often indicates an introductory level of learning.

The term originates from use in American university course numbering systems, designed to make transfer between colleges easier. …

There you go, if you were wondering, too. I suppose it was obvious, really. I always  wanted to finish Zero to Hero sometime. Of course I didn’t finish it last time, did I! Nothing new about that. But I’m trying hard with the new me. It is working, as [quick look over my left shoulder] I’ve made the bed everyday, ever since I told you I was. Just a minute … … … well, some days the sheets get a bit longer to air, than others.

The well known subspecies T. h. moluccanus has a blue belly and lacks the barring on the breast found on the nominate subspecies

Left: LOOK WHAT I HAVE IN MY FRONT YARD – A pair of rainbow lorikeets are nesting in the elm tree out front.  Photo from Wikipedia. I hope to produce stunning photos of my own sometime: I’m putting seed out again.  I made the mistake of doing a video instead of photos when they visited. Next time.

Back to Blogging 101, that was where I first noticed some of you. Anyway, what I’m going to do, if I did the daily prompt last time, I’ll include the original along with new thoughts on the blogging process, almost a year on, now. Is it a year? No, according to the dashboard my first post  was 2nd January this year – ahh, a New Years fling then. I actually signed up for this new blog last year  and fiddled with themes and practice posts, as you do. I made all sorts of rash promises in those first posts  – family history, a photo a day – made all sorts of rash statements like getting my garden under control this year! Ha! I suppose the year isn’t over yet.

Zero to Hero  turned out more like Hero to Zero for me.

As you know, I’ve signed up for a ridiculous number of MOOCs, the latest being the Science Of Happiness at edX.  I then cast my eye over the upcoming classes I’d already booked, to take something out, but just couldn’t let any of them go, not without attempting to keep up. I’m going okay so far.

So, now, at FutureLearn (where, thank goodness, there are no onerous academic style peer assessments) I’m doing: Towards Scottish Independence? Understanding the Referendum;  Psychology and Mental Health-Beyond Nature and Nurture; and Heart Health: A Beginner’s Guide to Cardiovascular Disease. What a mouthful for just three classes.


Galahs – looking through dirty glass and a net curtain.

You might ask why I’m interested in the Scottish thing. It’s because I still feel 25% Scottish, even though I found out I’m not – because my lying hound of a grandfather was born in Bolton, Lancashire, England and not under the Firth of the Forth Bridge, like he told mum.

Coming up next week at FutureLearn is Hadrian’s Wall: Life on the Roman Frontier,  excellent!  Over at Coursera, I’m halfway through Climate Change – even submitted the first big assignment this week, after I decided I wouldn’t do so, but it preyed on my mind, and I found myself composing the words anyway. I enjoy putting my thoughts into words. [oh, really?]

This was my first assignment: Post Haste. I had an accident placing the last polygon point, but liked the resulting shape. Some parcels and wheels - bingo!

This was my first assignment: Post Haste. An accident placing the last polygon point, produced this main shape – add some parcels and wheels – bingo!

And, as if that isn’t enough, I’m doing other stuff at Coursera, too: Introduction to Computational Arts, where I’m learning code to draw stuff, and later will add images and sound. I don’t know how to save jpg files from Processing, yet, so here’s some phone photos from the screen!

This one: Go Port Power! and is my current assignment undergoing evaluation. My footy team colours are teal, black and white – the red represents raised blood pressure.

Powerful Tools for Teaching and Learning: Digital Storytelling, is very interesting.  I’ve submitted the outline for the digital story presentation for peer assessment and, this week, I must write the script, collect images, and build a storyboard. I’m doing a little story about one of my mum’s family lines – going back to my only convict ancestor, a bit in the style of ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’

Learning How to Learn finished two weeks ago, and I got 99.5%, with distinction. Howzat! That link will take you to the final assignment. I haven’t written up much on my online learning blog lately. But I will try to speak about each weeks learning in each course, eventually.


Lake Eppalock, years ago. My climate change assignment is about predictions for our local water supply.

In five days, Comic Books and Graphic Novels, begins. I’ve already unenrolled myself twice, as my list lengthened, but what the heck. It’s intriguing. I can just watch, and not do the tasks.

And what of my novel, you are probably asking. Well, I’m getting into it, slowly. I’m trying to push myself to have the ending done by the 5th October, not necessarily the whole book written, but at least the ending. What? the widget boldly declares it’s only 19 days? [sigh] Anyway, what’s the rush! It’s not like it’s going to change my life or anything. I’m not sitting on the next best thing to Harry Potter, despite what I’d like to think… well … no, I’m not .. but geez, wouldn’t it be nice …

It was Mr R’s 61st birthday, yesterday. I’m getting closer to 60.  Oh, that reminds me, I’m supposed to be feeding menu and wine lists into a blog for my daughter, for her restaurant. I’ve started. Better do that now, I’ve met all my class deadlines until next Monday.  Catch you later!

grassy raindrops

grassy raindrops


Catch Up, Writing

Catch Up

hawthorn blossom
Another week gone by. It’s been very productive for me as I swing into my new non-procrastinational ways. I have made the bed every day for a whole week now. I came back from walking the dog this morning and saw it – the blankets laid back to air – and I almost walked away to stoke up the computer. I actually ‘heard’ the thought in my head “leave it until after” but I squashed it flat! (As I remarked in a comment in the last ‘catch up’: one of the library books about breaking habits said that a person who makes the bed each morning is more likely to do their other daily tasks. I need all the prompts I can get.)

I’ve walked the dog each day but my treadmilling has been brief. Bit of discomfort in the hip joints and various other places. I think it’s from my increased activity.  So, I decided to give it a few more days, while I wonder if it’s procrastination.

My ‘school-work’ is all on target. I have four courses at the moment, with a quiz  and an assignment due before I go to bed on Wednesday. I’m really learning a lot on the Climate Change course, and it is great to have unbiased lectures, instead of turning my nose up at hysterical newspaper reports and the blogs that accuse people of being grandchild killers. While climate change is real, the outcome and timeframe isn’t certain.

Began today: Towards Scottish Independence?… (The University of Edinburgh);
and this one begins overnight: Introduction to Computational Arts (State University of New York).

The Learning How to Learn course is repeating on Coursera, and I highly recommend it to everyone. I have to do a project about it, and I’m taking the blogging format option, of course.  I’m doing the Effective Writing class again in a few weeks – the MOOC I flunked. It’ll be a breeze now, armed with all my new learning techniques.

Speaking of writing – I have outlined my novel. Only to the extent that I know what I need to do to finish it, structure wise and word count. I’m aiming for the 120,000 word target again. With what I have, it will take that to finish. I’ll write a fair few of the 89,000 words again, since I’m changing the story. I haven’t actually gone over the scenes yet with the changes, but I did mind-mapping yesterday and that was productive: the story a bit clearer in my head now. I’m giving myself to the 1st September to write-up the  changes on the printed scenes – then it’s head down and writing.

The deadline to finish the draft is 5th October, my sister’s birthday. My novel is dedicated to Carol, and comes from her advice to me a week or so before she died: follow your dream. Having that date as my deadline is really empowering. I have to write romance in it for her, too. She devoured Mills & Boon, I couldn’t stand them. I was more a Western girl, then, and even the bit of romance in those was too much.

Now, I’ll grab the phone and hope I have taken a decent photo of the hawthorn flowering, this morning. Yesterday, white blossom was everywhere. Astonished, I hadn’t noticed the day before. Must have happened overnight. (Did you notice the bee? One in the featured photo and the one below.)

Bee on Hawthorn Blossom

Bee on Hawthorn Blossom

Take care. Thanks for visiting my blog and being part of my community. You’re appreciated. ❤