After a drawn-out foggy morning, the sun shone the rest of the day. The cows soak it up, as usual. Cool in the shade, though.


Thanks for looking. Stay safe.


Agricultural, cows, sheep

Sunny rural scene


The Wednesday Walk this week really is on a Wednesday.  There was some lovely sunshine this morning but, by the time I was ready to walk, the clouds had rolled in. Nevertheless, I remained determined to share today’s walk – checking if there were more lambs up the road. So, armed with the Nikon D3000, we set off up the service road.


Across the footbridge and turning left, crossing to the street behind the house with the green fence.


Towards the end of the second block is the much-loved kangaroo fence.


Putting a see more line in here … lots of photos today.

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sheep, Wednesday Walk

Wednesday walk


Was pretty excited to spot these twin lambs on our last walk in this part of my world.


And, check out this black-and-white lamb! Looks like it’s wearing a coat.


Amazing to see that the other side of it looks pretty much the same.


Thanks for looking. Stay safe.


Agricultural, sheep

Colourful lambs