Bees & Bugs

Bees sucking on gum blossom



These  images were taken with the Nokia Lumia 520, several days ago, while Vika and I were on our morning walk. This blossom-laden gum tree  hangs low over the service road.





Yes – if you’re asking – I did get that fibreglass three-tiered pond out of storage. I’ve set it up, and now that I’ve decided on the final positioning, I just have to set the top ponds into sand or dirt to stabilise them. And I need to prevent cats sneaking up on the birds.

A pretty tabby cat wandered in this afternoon. It made itself at home by the bottom pond. I gave it a fright and it bounded out like its tail was on fire!

Hope you enjoyed seeing the bees.  Catch youse later.   🙂

PS: WordPress tells me this is my 500th post … not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.  I’ve slowed down a lot since I’ve paid more attention to getting this novel of mine sorted.  😮