Sharing a walk we took earlier today along Forest Drive in the nearby Heathcote-Graytown National Park.  On the way we went past some flowering fruit trees. It took too long for bees to land, and Mr. R. was getting too far ahead, so here is a rare, insect-free, flower image.

pretty blossom
Heathcote-Graytown National Park
the understory is brighter than usual

I noticed dragonflies about and I’d just finished saying to Mr. R. that I never have any success with photographing them when – lo and behold – a pair decided to do their love-making right in front of me! For ages, too.

Wattle with a hint of purple Happy Wanderer

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Wednesday Walk

Forest Drive


Yesterday, we walked to the Heathcote-Graytown National Park, crossing this bridge first and peering over the edge, as you do, before taking the next turn left.


We’ve had more rain and the McIvor Creek is running fast. And noisy.


The poplars have nearly lost their leaves. Unlike the elms, insects haven’t ravaged these.


It was a beaut blue sky yesterday, and no wind. Soon we were on Forest Drive.


Lots of photos again for my Wednesday Walk post, so see you on the other side – should you have time to dawdle with me.   🙂

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Wednesday Walk

Dawdling in the forest