We went for a real bush walk today. Under a dull sky, we headed off to explore a narrow rocky track which skirts the forest edge and leads into the range. It was pretty steep and, instead of climbing the second hill, decided to walk in the little gully between them before cutting back over the first hill to the main road. It was silly really, but seemed like a good idea at the time. The view was worth it. Our place is down there somewhere, out of sight, below that swathe of green field.


A slip on loose rocks, moss, muddy ‘roo tracks, or a trip over a stick, and one of us could’ve been injured. Imagine trying to explain to emergency services where we were!  Mr R. got concerned we were walking in circles, and for a split-second every ‘lost in the bush’ story I’d ever heard flashed in my  brain.  I scoffed, of course, and pointed out to him that the edge of the range was still behind our left shoulder, as it should be.

The only bit of drama was when I decided to have a quick pee before we got to the road. Because I’d forgotten to squat beside a handy support, I couldn’t get up, even with Mr. R. hauling on me! The downward slope didn’t help. Once I partly turned, got one knee unlocked, and straightened my leg, our combined effort bore fruit. Only then could I restore order about my person. [blush]


Yeah, very glad to see the road. Had to scramble backwards down the bank, gripping handy tree roots and rocks. The whole thing was a lot funnier once on solid footing. Now I don’t have to wonder what it’s like up there. A rock-strewn wilderness. Bet my knees are sore tomorrow!


Thanks for looking. Stay safe.


Heathcote Greytown National Park

Bush Walking