Wimmera / Mallee Silo Art Trail

I first learned about the Silo Art Trail at Leanne Cole’s Weekend Wanderings photography site. Leanne has some stunning photographs of the three silos already completed.

My mum’s home town, Rupanyup, will join the 200km art trail.

Brim started it all. When the drought-stricken little town started getting thousands of visitors a month, it birthed the idea for Australia’s largest outdoor art gallery.

This video from YouTube shows the typical countryside in the area.

The trail is expected to be finished by mid-2017.

I’ll be seeing the Rupanyup silo first, no doubt. It is still in use by GrainCorp and painting should begin in March. I’ll check next time I’m passing through to visit my mum in Adelaide.

Do check out Leanne’s silo photos.

The silo complex in the featured image is at Horsham – taken over a motel fence where we stayed before attending Auntie June’s funeral several months ago.

Thanks for looking. Do have a great day!  🙂