Hello people, I can’t believe I forgot to do my Wednesday Walk post yesterday! I’ve been pretty good with it. I decided not to share the reservoir walk as I had this really eventful one recently.  Lots and lots of photos. This is one of our town walks – where we head over the footbridge and walk some back blocks. First up, in Argyle Street, a magpie lands on the power line and watches us.


We go past the Merino sheep, still unshorn.


A brief glimpse of a little silvereye…

I saw a fruit tree blossoming in a side orchard. Pretty sure it’s the first I’ve seen this season.


Mr. R. was somewhat amazed that I noticed a kangaroo reclining in a backyard from quite some distance … I think its ears twitched…


We had to walk up the hill before drawing level with the yard it was in…


I’ve photographed this kangaroo before, I’m sure. It’s the one with the damage around its right eye. It has made itself at home.


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Wednesday Walk

A busy walk