A great bit of news today! From June 1st, we’re allowed to go camping. And, since the border with New South Wales stayed open, technically we could head north – get started on the trip we’d intended to begin in mid-May.


But we’re not. It’s safer to stay home, until we know how the virus will play out with the relaxation of restrictions. We’ve decided to give it four weeks. Or when our wood pile runs out.


So, what does this have to do with Rainbow Bee-eaters? Mr R. was talking about free camping at Lilydale, NSW, and I recalled seeing these birds there, last September. I was a teenager when I saw my first Bee-eater. Beautiful birds.


Thanks for looking. Stay safe.

Added later. Besides bees, they eat lots of the nicer insects. From Birdlife Australia.

“Rainbow Bee-eaters eat insects, mainly catching bees and wasps, as well as dragonflies, beetles, butterflies and moths. They catch flying insects on the wing and carry them back to a perch to beat them against it before swallowing them. Bees and wasps are rubbed against the perch to remove the stings and venom glands.”


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Rainbow Bee-eater