Just a few pics of our location – we were alone for the first night at this sandy beach, just outside the Barmah National Park, on the Murray River.


Carter’s Beach, Ulupna Island … just part of it   (Nikon D3000)

The day after we arrived, we put up our new gazebo for the first time. Had a bit of luck there, picking up a heavy duty one at a camping store for just over half price. We got a fair bit of wind, now and then, and ended up taking it down for one night, so it wouldn’t get damaged, or cause damage!  It was easier to put up, second time round.


Carter’s Beach, Ulupna Isalnd    March 2018 (Nokia Lumia 530 phone)

The kookaburras got more daring as time went on, revisiting us once all the weekenders went. We had campfires on our last days, when the weather cooled. Mornings were chilly, we were in shadow until after 8am or so.


Kookaburra sitting on the handle of our spade, by the campfire  (Nikon D3000)

The kookaburras helped themselves to Vika’s dogfood, if I left her bowl uncovered. On our last evening, I’d removed the annexe walls and one of the devils perched in the sink – where I had three little scraps of cooling bacon for Vika’s treat.  The braver bird liked flying close, we would feel the wind of its wings as it swooped past.


What’s for breakfast?  (Nikon D3000)

Vika pretty much pretended she couldn’t see it. A lot of the time, we had to keep her confined to her dog box, since she liked wandering off to other camps to bark at their dogs. It was like having a kid, one had to watch her constantly.

The only downside of our holiday, was – towards the latter part of our week – we were invaded by mice. Mr R. has acute hearing and could her them gallivanting about in the annexe. In the end, I had to pack away the kitchen sink inside its locker each night.

Stay tuned for some awesome images of koalas.

Thanks for looking.




Carter’s Beach, Ulupna Island, Victoria