Butterflies & Moths

Moth: Red-lined Geometrid

I identified the moth. It is a Crypsiphona occultaria – one of the most common moths in Australia, according to Wikipedia. Also called a red-lined looper moth.

I found great photos on a buttefly house website and you can read about it and look at pictures of the thin green larvae here. The grubs eat eucalyptus leaves and are tapered on one end and forked the other!

The image below is from Wikipedia...


undersides, showing red lines

(By Donald Hobern from Canberra, Australia – Crypsiphona ocultaria, CC BY 2.0, Link)

And this is my photo…


my photo through the window pane

There is no doubt, at all. It is the same moth.


on the dried mint blossom


Thanks for looking!   🙂