We’re having a cloudy day today, warm with promise of a late shower. Out with the Nikon D3000 earlier, this Red-spotted Jezebel butterfly conveniently landed in the bottlebrush right by me.

Thanks for looking.

Do have yourself a good weekend, and stay safe.


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Red-spotted Jezebel

Butterflies & Moths

More Red-spotted Jezebel

I found a set of photos taken several days ago, discovering some images showing the plainer side of the Jezebel’s wings.  I sometimes take photos without uploading to my laptop and then after taking more the next day, they will be uploaded into separate folders. I forgot to check this one.








(Nikon D3000, on auto)

 Thanks for looking! 



Photographed just now with the Nikon D3000, on auto.


red-spotted jezebel on the bottlebrush in my yard


mostly black-and-white on the upper wings, spanning up to 7cm


the colours look like they are drawn on


I’ve seen just the one pair visiting the blossoms

I was taking photos from a distance when I begged it to come down and pose for me awhile – and it did!   I read (later) that males have grey forewings, the females cream.

I saw a snake this morning, beyond the house next door. Sunning itself, it looked to be uncoiling but stopped when it saw me see it. I did not linger for a photograph. Fortunately, Vika did not see it – she might have rushed it. Probably an adult brown snake, the common species around here. No more walking about in the dark, for me, until winter!

Do have a good day. I better get back to my revision.   🙂

Butterflies & Moths

Red-spotted Jezebel