13 thoughts on “Skins of The Red Eyed Australian Cicada

  1. Wot a lot of ’em ! 🙂 They do love those barky trees to hang onto, eh ? – paperbark ? Whatever. We used to love these, too ! 🙂


  2. 10 years ago was the huge East-Coast-of-the-US invasion of “Brood X” cicadas. The sound was STAGGERING and went on for weeks. Love-crazy bugs were slamming into me every time I went out for a walk. My (then 3-4 month old, now 10 year old) dog couldn’t be outside alone, as she’d eat them; many dogs in the area had to be rushed to the vet with stomach issues. And those empty shells? Bags and bags of them picked up from the ground, trees, bushes, fences.

    The experience was overwhelming — exciting and gross, and so real — I’m glad I lived through it once.

    I don’t plan to do so again. But your image captures a certain type of beauty in the bug and in nature, doesn’t it?! 🙂


    • That experience sounds fascinating Cindi, but awful too. Poor dogs. We didn’t get that many. I’m not sure what cycle this lot is on, I’ve noticed them three times I think, since I moved here, so they must be on the 7 year cycle.


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