Family History Friday

Family History Friday: My Nana and Great Grandma

timms family

MY NANA  (my dad’s mum)  standing between her mother and step-father

Mavis Olive Crute was born on 1 Apr 1908 in Stawell.Victoria.Australia, died on 17 Aug 1963 in Horsham,  buried 27 Aug 1963 in Horsham Cemetery.

MY GREAT GRANDMOTHER  (my dad’s grandma)

Caroline Amy Griffiths Crute was born in 1887 in Stawell,Victoria and died on 8 May 1926 in Coburg, being buried 11 May 1926 in Fawkner Cemetery.

Caroline married William Henry Timms, son of Edward Timms and Selina Jane Conduit, in 1911 in Stawell. William was born in 1891 in Ararat,Victoria, and died in 1965 in Ingwood, Victoria, buried on 28 Sep 1965 in Fawkner Cemetery.

This photo taken just before Bill went overseas to war.  Caroline and Bill went on to have another child.


12 thoughts on “Family History Friday: My Nana and Great Grandma

    • Hi Sue, when I was given this photo by a cousin Timms, I could see right away where my nose came from! She looks a dear, sweet woman. I hope she was. 🙂


  1. Carol Ann says:

    how lovely that you know these facts…and that you are still young enough to have access to some of the people who can still relate some of relevant oral history to you. I am missing so much of my history. My mother was reluctant to talk about her history or could not remember when I would ask.


    • Carol Ann, I know I should have ‘interviewed’ all my aunts by now, before they pass, especially the family historian who originally traced the family back to Bedsfordshire, England. One of my aunts told me who they think my nana’s father was, she in turn told by her aunt. Story goes that he was Catholic and forbidden to marry out of his religion. I have a name, but no way of knowing if it is correct. So I have a whole branch of my tree missing. I filled it with the Timms family instead. I am also fortunate that we have an excellent set of historical births, death and marriage records in Victoria. So, as long as they told the truth it has been easy enough. Some have led me a merry chase though. 🙂


  2. Family history is so important . I’m glad you are keeping track of where and who you come from. It may not seem so now, but there will always be at least one child who will devour it in years’ to come and be happy you took the time and had the pleasure of keeping it


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