I actually took this photo a few days ago and sent it from my phone yesterday before I posted the Big Things.  I obviously turned my phone off too soon or the wi-fi wasn’t on.


Can you see the ducks?


7 thoughts on “Can you see the ducks?

  1. Sue says:

    in Adelaide suburbs, have to be so careful when they have their ducklings, they have no road sense, expect everyone to give way. Wonderful when you see pictures of the police holding up the traffic in the city so they can cross the road.

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    • That’s lovely Sue, the police helping them across the road. These ducks suddenly started to be out front every day, feeding right up to the road edge. I’m trying to get close enough to get a decent photo. They normally live in the paddock behind that hayshed you see in my photos sometimes. There’s is a small dam back there. Must be something special out there that they eat this time of year. And all these years I’ve never noticed. It’s been foggy/misty all day today and barely 5 degrees! ❤


  2. Put It Together 4 U says:

    I see them! I definitely see four, but I think I see one more up against the fence close to the telephone pole. Yes? Just a peek of the head? No? LOL! Oh well… Beautiful photo. I love your keen eye for beauty! ❤

    ~ Angela

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