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Here’s a thought: “What if…”

I, too, have put of going to a celebration event after considering the cost against quality time spent with the person, and then opted for a special one-on-one visit instead. Please check out the video at the end of this post.

Chasing Rabbit Holes

A friend of mine in another state is having her 60th birthday party and sent me an e-vite. It’s an important year for all of us turning 60. It’s a sort of road map that says: “Two-thirds of the way done…” There was an excellent deal on air fares and I searched thru, thinking I would like to honor my friend by attending her party. Just before I hit “book it,” I pulled my hand back to sleep on the decision. Hey, the sale was good thru the next day.

When I woke up, I thought again of booking the $150.00 flight, the hotel, and arranging for my dog and cat to be cared for – a trip of Friday thru Sunday for about $500-$600 and I would spend approximately an hour with my friend, sharing her with other friends gathered to celebrate her… Another cup of coffee was needed.

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7 thoughts on “Here’s a thought: “What if…”

  1. Sue says:

    Brilliant commentary. Although there are some people out there, who for many reasons, would be living very lonely lives without their “electronic friends”.

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  2. this is good advice right now for my daughter. She’s bridesmaid for her best childhood friend and has to travel and take time off for the wedding, then she was hit with the hen party which is a good month or two before the wedding and really not her scene at all. She wondered if the time off work and the travel again to get to something she knew she wouldn’t enjoy for very limited time with her friend was worth it but felt she should be there. Instead she opted to miss the garish hen do and take her friend off for a couple of spa days with nice food, overnight accommodation and treatments included in the week running up to the wedding when she can spend undivided time with her and help her prepare for the day as a good bridesmaid should. I’m glad she made the choice I’m sure it will be far more memorable for both of them and much welcomed in the run up to the wedding by her friend. Sometimes we’re so pressured by what we should do and forget what might be best.


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