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One Word Photo Challenge: Lemon

This photo was taken today (on my Nokia smartphone) for Jennifer’s One Word Photo Challenge: Lemon. I was busy cleaning (at work) when Mr R reminds me that the Lake Eppalock Gold Cup is on this weekend. He insists I come into the other room where he could see a boat from a window. So, grudgingly, I do and am glad I did. I’m amazed. I imagined I was about to see an oversized sleek speedboat, not something shaped like a spacecraft. And then, something about it hits me. Lemon, the boat is lemon! Perfect for Jennifer’s challenge.

After looking at the Victorian Speed Boat Club’s website, I find this ‘boat’ is called HBR, and is a 1.6lt Hydroplane, with a 1.6lt Toyota Twin Cam Engine.

I nearly settled for showing you wattle again, from earlier in the year.


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