What is this tree? Solved. (Eucalyptus platypus)

I have a blossom for this shrub, now – and discovered the name …

blossom green

Taken on the Nokia phone


From Wikipedia:

Eucalyptus platypus, also known as the Moort or Round-leaved Moort, is a small tree which occurs in an area between Albany and Esperance in Western Australia.

It is a mallee Eucalyptus and grows to between 1.5m and 10 metres in height. The canopy of the tree is dense and rounded and the leaves are elliptical to orbicular. The bark is smooth and light brown, ageing to grey.

A distinctive feature of this species are its elongated flat peduncles which are about 3 cm long and 1 cm wide. These are referred to in its specific name platypus which is derived from the Greek words πλατύς (platy: flat, broad) and πους (pous: foot). The peduncles support stalkless buds with long, conical caps in clusters of up to seven. These are followed by greenish-yellow (or occasionally white, cream or (rarely) red) flowers in spring and summer which are to some degree obscured by the dense foliage.

Well, M-R, you weren’t far wrong were close when you said it was a mallee Eucalyptus grossa. 🙂


6 thoughts on “What is this tree? Solved. (Eucalyptus platypus)

    • Silly me, here I was thinking that mallee thingys only grew were native to the Mallee, Victoria. [blush] Yes, your suggestion – Eucalyptus grossa – is also a mallee but with different shaped leaves. 🙂

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    • Only if you look and stand right by it, Kayti. I’ve been driving past it for over 20 years and never noticed it bloom before! The foliage is really dense, though. 🙂


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