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An English Country Garden

I’ve caught up a bit on Su Leslie’s blog  I must find out why she calls it Zimmerbitch. 🙂  Su shares gorgeous photographs and often shares words of wisdom, too. There, I enjoyed this song by Jimmie Rodgers: An English Country Garden.  I want to keep it handy. Posted on YouTube by NedNickerson2010.


14 thoughts on “An English Country Garden

  1. Thank you for the mention Christine. ZimmerBitch was meant to be my avatar in my son’s playstation skateboarding game — a sort of cool streetwise granny figure. It didn’t quite come off as I discovered that while there were all sorts of appearance options for the avatars, grey hair and baggy pantyhose weren’t amongst them :-). But I liked the name too much, and it seemed to suit my “grumpy old woman” blogging persona quite well.

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    • Ahh, I bet you told me that on your ‘about me’ page, Su. Cool name and I only thought of zimmer frames later on. Thanks so much for the song. My dad used to whistle this, in fact we all tried to!

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  2. That’s a lovely old song to go with a picture of a beautiful English garden. Unfortunately, in England right now, our gardens are colourless and bare, apart from the evergreens – although the first snowdrops are just coming into flower. In another few weeks we’ll have the crocuses and by March the daffodils as well. Many people in Britain love their gardens, and the insects and birds they attract. Even houses in towns and cities generally have gardens, often bigger ones at the back, which are tended lovingly. People tend to choose plants/flowers for colour and scent and often with height in mind if they’re for a border. Talking about this has made me long for spring, although every season is lovely in its own way.
    Have a great day, Christine. It’s 11pm here and I’m just off to bed to read for a while.

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