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One Word Photo Challenge: Marsala

For Jennifer’s  One Word Photo Challenge: Marsalaone-word-photo-challenge-badge

Windows/ Nokia phone, 5MP, on auto, cropped.


WP_20141228_020Kniphofia / Red Hot Poker

There is a little bit of this colour towards the top of the Kniphofia (Red Hot Poker). I planted three of these bulbs the year before last. This is the first proper flowering.


BELOW: These blossoms are a better colour match. Does anyone know the name of the shrub? [DONE: Abelia, from the honeysuckle family of plants]

Bee: 31 Dec 2014


Bee on Abelia:  31 Dec 2014


31 Dec 2015 Bee and Abelia


24 thoughts on “One Word Photo Challenge: Marsala

  1. I used to garden and mostly didn’t kill my plants, but did we know each other? Did I understand them? How did we ever have even a limited relationship. It was a miracle. They most likely didn’t need me as much as I thought. 👿

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  2. la_lasciata says:

    You know I will not get sucked in to these identifying questions any more ! [grin]
    But the bee, Christine ! – the little thing !!! Look at it hugging the blossom with its little legs !
    How could anyone not love bees ?
    DOES anyone not love them, I wonder ? If so, I hope never to meet such weirdos !

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  3. Glorious photos again, Christine. I can’t help you identify Australian plants, though. Even my husband, an avid and knowledeable gardener, says he would have to look it up. The bees are interesting. The main type we get here in the U.K. are the smaller honey bees and the very beautiful and rounded bumble bees. What type are those on your photos? Thank you for adding a splash of colour to my day!

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    • Tell your husband that I’m pretty certain (now) that the shrub is an Abelia, from Eastern Asia and Mexico and it belongs to the honeysuckle family. As to the bees, I’m going to have to do a crash course in bee identification and get back to you on that. I love your bumble bees.

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      • I wonder if your Abelia bush smells like honeysuckle? It has a glorious scent in the evenigs. I’m glad you found out what it was, at least. Bee identification should be an interesting course, although I’ve a feeling you’re just joking about that! I love the little fat bumble bees, too.

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        • Goodness, Millie, I thought a quick visit to a web page or two would supply enough info to identify my bees – but I see we have 1500 species of native bees here and some of them do not even look like my idea of a bee at all! We have European bumble bees in Tasmania but the authorities try to keep them from spreading to the mainland. Oh well, I better get out of bed and take the dog for a walk. (8:30am here) while I ponder your award questions. 😀


    • Many thanks Barbara. When I investigated images of Weigela, I noticed the persistent sepals were missing. But gee, its much the same. Turns out to be Abelia. Jennifer from the challenge gave the colour swatch in her challenge, else I wouldn’t have a clue what it was.


  4. Thanks Jennifer. My phone camera gets some great images on auto. I rarely bother with my normal digital camera unless I need flash. My Nokia doesn’t have one. Glad to take part in your challenge.


    • Thanks eLPy. I couldn’t believe my luck in having these photos handy – I been meaning to post the bee trio for a week. Perfect timing for me for the challenge. I had the colour swatch open in one window while I scrolled through ‘my pictures’ in another, until something looked good enough! Thanks for dropping by. 🙂

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    • Thank you, Barbara. I forgot to tell you how much one of my grand-daughters loved your book. She got her mum to read it to her after Xmas lunch. The other book is still wrapped and waiting for me to deliver. 🙂


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