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Honey Bee

I opened up my Nikon D3000 for Dummies book again this morning. I decided to reset all the shooting and set up options and start over (I messed about with the camera a few days ago). So, still on auto for these photos of the bee in the abelia bush this morning.







The book advises me that learning to use the camera just from the Guide mode will make it harder for me to learn the other modes, later. Might take a decade, but I’ll get there!  I can’t wait to get my new lens and go back to the lake and get some great shots of the crested grebe. I suppose I’ll get a macro lens, too, one day.

Thanks for looking.   🙂

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One Word Photo Challenge: Marsala

For Jennifer’s  One Word Photo Challenge: Marsalaone-word-photo-challenge-badge

Windows/ Nokia phone, 5MP, on auto, cropped.


WP_20141228_020Kniphofia / Red Hot Poker

There is a little bit of this colour towards the top of the Kniphofia (Red Hot Poker). I planted three of these bulbs the year before last. This is the first proper flowering.


BELOW: These blossoms are a better colour match. Does anyone know the name of the shrub? [DONE: Abelia, from the honeysuckle family of plants]

Bee: 31 Dec 2014


Bee on Abelia:  31 Dec 2014


31 Dec 2015 Bee and Abelia