Phoneography and Non-SLR Digital Devices Photo Challenge

A stormy sky, and a photo challenge.

The temperature was predicted to be 39 C today, and I know it reached 38 in the shade at the side of our house.  The change came through late  – a bit of thunder and lightning.  I took a photo when we arrived at work to-night to clean the office and the amenities at the [boat] trailer manufacturing complex. That stormy cloud wouldn’t oblige me with a streak of lightning, not at the same time as I pushed the button, but it did drop a few miserable millimetres millilitres of rain in our gauge at home. The dog was wet and puddles were full, but where we were there was but a mere sprinkle – not even enough to wet the ground! It is an oddity, but we often get different weather patterns at our end of town to the other!

Nokia Lumia 530, on auto

Nokia Lumia 530, on auto

phoneography imagePhoneography and Non-SLR Digital Devices Photo Challenge:Macro

I took the photos below for this new-to-me photo challenge, run by Sally at Lens and Pens by Sally.  As usual, I’m using the Nokia Lumia 530, 5MP windows phone camera, on auto, and uncropped unless stated.

The theme for the second Monday of the month: Macro.


Nokia Lumia 530, auto, cropped

The photo of the bee was taken yesterday. I love the way the mint flowers show through its wings.  These other photos were taken on this morning’s walk – a small feather, some spider webbing on a pine tree, and looking inside a pink belladonna lily.  If you click on the photos you will go to a larger version. They can be clicked on a second time, too.













The proper change is here now, the temperature is falling rapidly. Almost 9pm,  the sun is down, it is 22 C and supposed to go down to 15 overnight. Might not need the doona again tonight.

Hmmm, just wondering – I suppose I should have had the camera on the macro setting.  😮


19 thoughts on “A stormy sky, and a photo challenge.

    • Good morning Sue, not those sort of ‘trailers’ – we don’t call caravans ‘trailers’, do we? I don’t! But then again, maybe South Australians do? Sorry, these are boat trailers, I better go amend my post – already spotted that I said millimetres instead of millilitres!


      • Sue says:

        oops, wasn’t thinking, not that the brain works that well at the best of times. Got a head cold at the moment, thanks to Julius, he’s fine cos he passed it on, everyone is keeping well away from me, but the head is muzzy and the ears ringing.

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  1. You’ve just expanded my Australian-speak again … this time I had to look up “doona” 🙂

    I love the look of threatening skies and the anticipation of the storm to come. Getting only a smattering of rain is a bit of a letdown though. Great photo – I love the contrast in the sky 🙂

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  2. The brooding, ominous sky is wonderful in the first photo, Christine. I agree that a jagged streak of lightning would look amazing against it. All the other photos are excellent, as always, espcially the spider’s web. I love that. 🙂

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