Galahs, a cockatoo and a magpie.

Galahs on my front fence.
galahsThe photo sent from my phone earlier has been replaced after straightening it in the FastStone Viewer.

You might notice the usual netting from the curtain is missing – that’s because I have put a long slit in it. I can sneak up behind one of our tallish boxy stereo speakers. Holding the camera straight is the least of my worries! The cockatoos and sparrows will not tolerate movement so close to the windows. These galahs weren’t as fussy, but edgy.

The magpie below was a bit skittish,too.  He popped by after I had sent the earlier photo, after a crow and two cockatoos.


White backed magpie

See the cockie watching back there to the left.  He and his mate wouldn’t stay on the fence. They were off before I drew level with the coffee table.


31 thoughts on “Galahs, a cockatoo and a magpie.

    • Thanks Barbara. I was really pleased with capturing the pair. I didn’t notice how crooked everything was until later, so thought I would straighten it before M-R reminds me I have the FastStone viewer. 😀 I’ve also added text and a photo of a magpie. ❤


  1. sue ouzounis says:

    Galahs are pretty bird’s, they seem to be paler pink here. Noisy little bugga’s though. Don’t seem to see as much of them as we used to.

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    • More likely to get hit by a car than anything else, Cindi. They get right up to the edges when they forage and they will sometimes misjudge traffic. Not often, though, thank goodness.


    • Your weather must be getting warmer sooner or later, Elizabeth, so I hope you are able to test that new camera out on birds! My phone won’t take decent bird images unless I’m in close. Lucky the best looking birds are the bigger ones!


  2. Two comments – no, three !
    1. This is a delightful post ! 🙂
    2. It should’ve been called “Some galahs, a cockatoo and a magpie went into a bar …” [grin]
    3. Isn’t FastStone GREAT ? – so utterly simple !

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    • Hi M-R, I didn’t get a chance to finish answering my post comments – so i just ‘liked’ and ran off to conjure the evening meal. FastStone is great. Thanks you for your comments, though I would have liked the end of the joke. ❤

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  3. Fabulous! 😀 They are such cool looking birds, really nice colors. They seem to be somewhat tolerant models.

    I’ve never seen a Magpie like that, it is soooo cool. Wow am I jealous of the birds you guys have around there. So glad you share and I can live through your pics. I love that that Cockatoo is in the background. Having my mischievous ‘cockie’ just paints a picture for me of your photo’s character. Oh I can just imagine the trouble he’s thinking of getting in… If that were my guy in the background BEWARE! 😉

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