Red-browed Firetails

Now and then over the last month, I’ve had these cute finches visit my yard. Beginning with just four, the flock has grown to a dozen. I have no hope of photographing them, but here is an educational video.


17 thoughts on “Red-browed Firetails

  1. Sue says:

    What lovely birds. We used to get the finches with yellow markings, but sad to say don’t see many around lately. Mostly Noisy Minah’s, Blackbirds, Crows & a lot less pigeons than we used to have, every now and then Galah’s & Sulphur Crested’s. Also used to get the Black Kraak from Kangaroo Island but the neighbours cut the big gum down that they used to visit.

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    • They are quick. You know Susan, I’ve almost brought your second book a few times now, but I’m ashamed to say that I end up getting cheaper ones instead. But, I know the day will come, because I can still remember the first Arafura quite clearly – even after all this time. I only remember the engaging ones. 🙂


      • Hi Christine. Yes, the issue of price…I grapple with that one. Happy to send you Arafura Unfinished Business in exchange for an honest review. Appreciate that you wrote one for the first novel, 🙂

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        • Oh yes, Susan, I’ll be in that – not that I was hinting or anything. I’m too stingy to spend more than $4.99 on any one book. Any format will be fine. christnejudith (@) gmail ( . ) com will go straight to my Samsung tab 3 Lite. (NOTE: no second ‘i’ in my name there.) That’ll be great! ❤


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