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Honeybees on ivy.

Sent from ny Nokia: Honeybees on ivy blossoms – thousands of them today, or so it seems.

I’m busy today with setting up my business accounts in Gnucash. I haven’t done any accounting except invoicing since November. I’ve been using Quickbooks up to now, but I want to use something with Linux. I usually love book-keeping once I start it! 😊


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  1. Sue says:

    They work so hard, and we nick their produce. We should all have to plant more flowers as a thank you. Don’t like book keeping, put it off for as long as I can that’s why I’m always running late for the tax man. Do all mine by hand, even then I get confused. Numbers are just not my thing. Had a boss that could run his finger down a sheet with numbers and have the answer, faster than a calculator. I run out of fingers & toes trying to add up.

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    • You know, Sue, if it wasn’t for having to apply for the Health Care Card my books would only just be done back to the end of June! I started off doing them by hand until we got the computer, and it came with the Quickbooks software so I would have been a fool not to use it. I think I’ve got this Gnucash figured out now. 🙂


      • Sue says:

        Not game to try something new, I don’t need to invoice or anything like that, I think its easier to stick with what I know. Bought a new printer last month, worst one I have every use. “HP Envy”. Kept telling me I was low on coloured inks even after I put in new cartridge, I printed a B & W picture and it came out pink, machine kept telling me I was out of pink ?? Nearly ready to throw it out the door. Rang shop, brought it in & showed them the results, no problems, now I am the proud owner of a Canon. Fingers crossed.

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        • Gee, Sue, I don’t Envy you that! 😀 I usually put non-brand inks in my printer, and it always has a huffy fit but grudgingly lets me use it after warning they aren’t responsible for bad results. I always look at the price of the ink before I buy a printer – they are practically a disposable item compared to cartridge costs. Sounds like the HP Envy had dried up ink cartridges shipped with it. That sort of proves my point – it was cheaper to give you another printer than to just give you with new ink cartridges.


    • So do I Paula. I had no idea it looked so sunny, having just now seen it on the bigger screen myself. I was trying to catch the goldenness (?) of the bees.


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