Three came for water on my fence just now, a-warbling. Wonderful. A dull day, spitting rain during our walk.(sent from my Nokia)


6 thoughts on “Magpies

  1. Sue says:

    Love the little fellows. Their warbling sounds so friendly, chatting away to their mates. The locals make sure they feed the maggies, therefore, no swooping birds pecking at your head. Today is very humid, lots of clouds around but I don’t think they are heavy enough to contain rain. Just the kind of weather to make you irritable.

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    • It’s been trying to rain all day, Sue. I’ve never seen three maggies at the water at the one time, so I was rapt. And to have all three singing at once was a real treat.


  2. One of the things which fascinates me is how magpies (and kookaburras and so many other bird species) differ slightly from state to state. I can easily understand why Tasmanian species would be different from mainland ones, but the noticeable differences between, say, Victorian and South Australian kookaburras …

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