Naked Ladies

Belladonna Lillies … sorry … couldn’t help myself. Last May I wondered aloud what these plants were. We didn’t really decide but thought they might be agapanthus. As the year rolled by, no flowers came when the neighbours’ aggies were blooming. The leaves died down and then it became obvious what they were. Overnight , in mid January, up they came.

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I walk this way every morning with our dog, Vika.


19 thoughts on “Naked Ladies

  1. Sue says:

    Is that what they are, have seen them off and in in displays, shops and gardens, just thought they were some kind of lily but not “bella donna”. Don’t let Vika near them though, or she will get extremely sick.

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    • They aren’t the atropa bella-donna, Sue, the nightshades. Just called Belladonna (beautiful lady) or Naked Ladies. Native of South Africa. Thanks for reminding me, I saw some of those nightshades in the yard, with black berries and all. Vika hasn’t shown any interest in them but I better get rid of them today in case she thinks it’s another type of grape. 🙂


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