Back in business, at last.

Hello people.

After two days,  I’ve given up trying to get yWriter5 to work properly in Linux. I stuffed it up somehow, yesterday, just when I thought I had it right. Now I’m wondering if it was actually my cordless mouse not communicating properly when I was trying to move around in the program. I didn’t push the buttons on the two pieces when I switched it from one computer to the other. Usually it just doesn’t work when I share like that. Anyway, I cracked the sh…  got annoyed and went back to the files on the old old PC yesterday.

It’s taken me hours today, but now I have finally transferred all missing scenes from my backup text file into the  November project where I added the new scenes at the front (while I waited for the other PC to be usable).  I didn’t know which scenes had been re-written since last November, so I changed over the text in all pre-existing scenes, losing a word here, adding a word there to the total count. Lost 500 words in one go, but I know which scene is missing. Despite that, I still ended up with nearly 300 words more than my tally of 105,089 – probably tentative scene notes.

During this process I fell in love with my story again. Nearing the end now. Tomorrow I start checking it over for plot and structure. I expect some rewriting will be in order before I give it an edit and polish for my beta readers.

I’d be finished by now if I hadn’t side-tracked myself.


8 thoughts on “Back in business, at last.

  1. Sue says:

    Glad that you finally succeeded, I would have hurled everything out onto the road, You have more patience than I have. My success linking my new printer up pales into dullness. Took everything around to mum’s, Don went to Youtube and what came up was different to what I had, looked at the disc that was included in purchase – terrific “Windows” of course that doesn’t work on Mac.
    Really thought I was stupid until I saw that. Went to Canon site, downloaded, installed and checked it and test printed all in about 10/15 mins. So result – I’m not that stupid after all.

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