Cockatoo, crest up.

Taken on the Nokia this evening. Last night the two Rainbow Lorikeets visited. I was rapt! Photos are cropped a lot.


14 thoughts on “Cockatoo, crest up.

    • When I got out of bed this morning, I wandered over to the window while pulling on my t-shirt, not thinking to look first. The two lorikeets were on the fence, but they ignored me. Gone by time I got my camera though. The cockatoo always lands with his crest up, finally caught it. I had to wait ages hidden behind the stereo speaker with the phone pressed to the window! 😀

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      • Lol, I can just see it. Funny my guy always raises his crest when he lands too. I figured it was because he doesn’t fly a lot so when he does and lands – at which point I praise him – he’s just so excited. Maybe it’s just always an exciting thing!

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  1. Sulphur-crested cockatoos are such beautiful birds — but oh, how destructive they are in a group! I thought for ages that Tasmania was free of these beautiful pests, but somehow they seem to have made it across Bass Strait, because there’s a small(ish) flock of them hanging around the Valley 😦

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    • I was just thinking yesterday it was rude of me not to go to your website and contact you from there. Bad manners by me, sorry. I want a freebie but not going to much effort. Will do. Thanks.


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