Some more kangaroos.

On the way home from work tonight, spotted these kangaroos on a vacant block. It is a fairly usual sight to see one or two about at dusk, but I haven’t seen this many on this particular block by the road for some time. I immediately did a u-turn, pulled over, and fished out the phone.

Horses and kangaroos

Kangaroos in the horse paddock

Vacant block, horses & kangaroos

Vacant block, horses & kangaroos

I approached the fence, keeping behind a big concrete power pole. The horses came over and that helped keep the kangaroos in place. None moved until I reached the fence-line. The red brick building in the background, behind the trees, is the St Mary’s Catholic Church and Manse. WP_20150323_007Pity the weather was so gloomy! It was about 6:00pm.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Is there water nearby your place, you think they would head to a river or the lake, more chance of green feed. Maybe the lake is too far for them to travel.

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  2. Great photos, Christine! We used to get a mob of kangaroos in our bottom paddock when we lived in the Adelaide Hills. We had plenty of grass there and didn’t mind a bit. Now that we are trying to grow cattle and sheep, we resent the incursions from the wallabies, pademelons, potaroos and rabbits far more — which all goes to show just how much circumstances alter cases 🙂

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