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I’m catching up on Kayti’s blog … just want to share these words of hers with you. Memories are precious things.


What will I remember when I get old; when now becomes then? Will it be something from the rarefied past, cleansed of impurities and less dense?

Once I had the self-assurance of the very young. Now I realize that everyone looks better in the rear view mirror, and no one is very different from anyone else. Sometimes an artist’s first invention is himself, and it usually needs a little alteration. I never doubted that my direction was the right one, and plowed right through a problem till it was solved. Now I sometimes spend time doubting if I know what I think I know. Or maybe it’s simply a failure of the imagination.

We go through many levels of becoming in a lifetime. It takes more than a village to mold a memory; we are creating new ones every day. I will choose to remember the good things; the things…

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2 thoughts on “WHAT WILL I REMEMBER? (reblog)

  1. sue ouzounis says:

    I think we remember all the good things, usually from our childhood when we were innocents, not knowing what is in store for us in the future and not even caring, just enjoying every minute.

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