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I write like James Joyce … seriously?

I subscribe to The Bookbaby Blog (they have lots of helpful free information) and today I caught up with the page called Online tools that will help you revise your writing.


Revolutionary Joyce Better Contrast“. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons.

First up was I write Like and who can resist fooling around with that. You know how, on submissions to publishers, they often ask you to nominate who your writing most resembles. I would never have the gall to compare myself to any writer.

So, bemused and hopeful, I picked sections out of my W.I.P. and played along … several times … okay, more than that. I probably tested about ten pieces of writing from different parts of my novel to see which ‘famous’ person put their hand up.

First it was Ian Fleming. But then each time James Joyce put up his hand, with single waves from J.R.R. Tolkien and J.K. Rowling when the word dragon was probably included in the text, or wizard, or witch, or maybe magic.

I write like
James Joyce

I Write Like. Analyze your writing!

Okay, so off I go to Amazon to spend a dollar getting the works of James Joyce. Just to check for myself. 🙂

Next up was the Hemingway App where I tried two bits of my draft.

Grade 9 (Good)
300 words
6 of 14 sentences are hard to read.
3 of 14 sentences are very hard to read.
0 phrases have simpler alternatives.
1 adverb. Remove it.
1 use of passive voice. Aim for 3 or fewer.

Grade 9 (Good)
306 words
2 of 17 sentences are hard to read.
5 of 17 sentences are very hard to read.
0 phrases have simpler alternatives.
3 adverbs. Aim for 0 or fewer.
1 use of passive voice. Aim for 3 or fewer.

O-k-a-a-a-y   😮   ?? [scratching head]  James Joyce isn’t looking so crash hot now?

Third, to check out if my writing is flabby or fit, I tried The Writer’s Diet using the same piece of writing already in my clipboard.

313 words
My verbs are having a heart attack
My nouns, prepositions, and adjectives/adverbs are lean.
My ‘and it, this, that, there’ are flabby.

The disclaimer says: ATTENTION USERS: Please note that the WritersDiet Test is an automated feedback tool, not an assessment tool. The test identifies some of the sentence-level grammatical features that most frequently weigh down academic prose…

That explains the crook verbs, academic stuff is a bit on the passive side. Phew, the fun died there for a sec. And I already know I have to rein in those pesky ‘and it, this, that, there’ words during the editing phase.

Two more to go.

4. The Up-Goer Five Text Editor. Huh? With this one you want plain writing. I couldn’t be bothered trying this one.

5. Ninja Essays.  Good, didn’t have to bother with that either, but could be handy next time I do a MOOC needing essays. I have an e-book full of helpful advice already, on my long now reading list.

I can hear you all yelling – get back to your writing and stop stuffing about.  I go to work soon, and I’m going out the backyard to do a thousand steps while I ponder what other obstacles I can put in my heroine’s way.

My mum was fond of saying “small things amuse small minds”.  Oh well. It’s good to laugh. 😀


21 thoughts on “I write like James Joyce … seriously?

  1. sue says:

    did you try entering James Joyce’s work and see what comment came back about them. And your right, stop stuffing around, your better than any silly sight that is derogatory of any work that is proffered.

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    • Derogatory? Oh-oh. I didn’t peruse that line of thought, Sue, and I didn’t try reading any of his stuff.

      I told myself it would be rude not to call in and respond to my comments before I disconnect the internet, but intend getting lots done today. 😀


    • I must do that, Elizabeth. By the way, I finally got hold of those jumbo playing cards. I’m wondering if I should find a challenge to use them on – or even make up my own challenge, or just follow journal prompts. I must come over to your place and remind myself what you are doing with your littlies. Not yet, I have to disconnect and work hard today.

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      • Hi Christine, I’m sure you will have fun with the cards, generally I do what comes to my mind. Now in June/July I’ll be participanting of the index card challenge, you can check out here:
        There is a prompt for each day, I participated last year and was lots of fun, we share our cards in Instagram, it will be great if you join in. If not, you can use the prompts to work on the playing cards too. It’s much easier to follow prompts than to create them. The week 1 prompts for the index cards (ICAD2015) were posted today so we can get ready to start on June 1st. Please have a look and let me know what do you think.

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  2. I tried these a while back. Fun for a lark. Almost gave me a heart attack.
    I find ‘and’ seems to be creeping back among my words.
    Once in a while you need to fool around before you hit the keyboard. ❤ 😀

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  3. Give me a P! Give me an R! Give me an O! Give me a C! Give me another R! Give me an A! Give me an S! (When I get done with this one, what OTHER long words are there that take lots of time to spell? 😉 )

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