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Index Card-a-day Challenge #4 Mailbox & #5 Owl

I did both cards to-day to catch up.

# 4: Mailbox.  In my fantasy word we don’t have mailboxes. The postmaster pops your name in the local newspaper if you have mail, and you send along some money for it to be delivered – or you pay and pick up yourself. This is a bit of actual text from an early Sydney newspaper (1809).

04 mailbox

#5: Owl.  Well, this is a bit iffy. It’s a bit askew. I got annoyed with it halfway through.

05 owl

I printed out a cropped photo from online, then cut it into pieces to use as templates for the coloured paper. Not very subtle. [sigh] But it is growing on me. As well as the paper, I used a black gel pen, liquid paper and gold foil.


12 thoughts on “Index Card-a-day Challenge #4 Mailbox & #5 Owl

  1. We currently are kicking and screaming about mailboxes in place of home delivery. The trouble is, we are not the only ones to change the old practice. Change is hard and some of it is about stupid placement of mailboxes.

    I’m fascinated by your owl, but then I’ve had a thing for them for as long as I can remember. ❤ ❤ ❤

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    • Australian mail is going to a two-tier system, it will send the cheapest rate slower now, and put up the price for the present delivery speed. The current next day delivery option will be kept. Our mail is ‘roadside delivery’ – delivered by a contractor by car to the mailbox outside our yard, beside the road.

      Glad you like the owl, Tess. I’m hoping the awkwardness about the head can be interpreted as a deliberate design choice. 😀


  2. Christine, I think a book of “just” these–your card illustrations and your explanations–would be a hit as an Art book–a so-called coffee-table book. I’m enchanted, and others would be too.

    The little poem was a nice touch, you sly one.

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    • LOL. … askew … through. Completely by accident, but no wonder it sounded right when I read it back. An art book? Wow, now there’s an interesting thought. I’m glad you like my creations, Babe.

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  3. sue says:

    It would be more expensive to advertise the mail than just have a postie deliver it. I have wondered about the mail being advertised when I’ve seen it in newspapers. Rather like the owl, he is rather cute. Is he resting the other eye or just trying to look wise?

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    • The owl has merely turned his head, Sue. Yeah, it feels like something is missing.

      People had to pay when they picked their mail up in those days – apparently – not something I had ever thought about before. The sender didn’t pay at all, which must have been handy. Imagine poor people scraping up the fee, and then probably having to get someone to read it too them as well.


  4. sue says:

    Which is something we don’t even think about. I suppose it made it easier for people that were travelling from one gold field to another or job to job, the mail would be held there for a reasonable time you would think.

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  5. Hi Christine, great cards. So interesting the newspaper stuff, but everyone in the city would know you have letters! Your owl is really a work of art, very nice, I like the colour contrast. Have a great week!

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