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Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Nature (sycamore leaves)

Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Nature

This week’s theme is Nature, so I’m sharing a set of photos taken on my walk with my Nokia Lumia 530 windows phone.  I was trying to show these leaves with some light on the water. The recent rains had encouraged a crop of new grass in the drainage hollow.

after adelaide phone 026

after adelaide phone 025

after adelaide phone 023

after adelaide phone 024

Oh-oh, that’s Vika’s shadow in the last image.

I’ve got two index cards to do to-day. Yesterday, my two working stints were sandwiched between two migraines and I just didn’t have the will to be creative. I thought of combining the two prompts – mailbox and owl – into the one card, but I discovered Harry Potter has already been there, done that!

Have a good day.  ❤


13 thoughts on “Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Nature (sycamore leaves)

  1. sue says:

    You poor thing, had migraine only once, every time I moved my head I saw flashing stars, glad I have never had a repeat. I feel for you, hope you are all clear now. Nice soggy looking leaves, looks rather boggy.

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    • These days I don’t always get the headache, just the visual blurriness. It went away before I went to sleep. A-ha – drain was the word I was looking for. It’s drain. What’d I call it – a hollow! 😮


  2. Christine, it’s so nice to have you participate in the challenge. Your study with leaves works especially well for me in the third image. I like the definition of the maple leaves as they seem to flow downward. Hope that you are feeling better. Happy Photo Challenge.

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