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Index-card-a-day: 3 in one.


The prompts this week are sliding off my brain without leaving a single thought behind. Today, I determined I must do something, else I would wander off and never come back to the challenge: I’m trying harder these days to finish what I start. I combined the first three prompts in this doodling (not doing the themes). Hey, working hard to tell myself it is better than nothing! 4″ x 6″ index cards.

08 09 10

Whimsical? Pathetic?

Anyway, most of these fruits and vegetables will probably not be found in my fantasy world. See, these are the little things that can bring one undone if one is doing a historical novel.

I’m going to combine the next three daily prompts on the one card, too, in the same style. My writing is slipping badly and I gave myself a good talking earlier – while doing 2500 steps in the backyard.

Stuff like …

Do you want to keep cleaning bloody ovens for people?  NO
Do you want to clean other people’s houses forever? NO
Are you writing crap? NO … I’m not sure….
So how are you going to find out if you never finish the bloody thing? OKAY, OKAY …

Nose back to the grindstone.


10 thoughts on “Index-card-a-day: 3 in one.

  1. sue says:

    What can I say, you let yourself get distracted, maybe you have lost a bit of enthusiasm for the plot. I don’t know how to give you a nudge in the right direction, but good luck

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    • Sue, you must be sick of encouraging me by now. Thanks for your support. No, I’ve thought hard about my plot and I’m sticking with it. I might have to do something drastic – like ban myself from the internet for two weeks … except for emails … and banking … and 😀


  2. I would vote for whimsical; I found the card fun. I would also vote for the idea that you are too hard on yourself. Sounds to me like you accomplish things all the time and I find your cards delightful.

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    • Thank you Janet. I have to be hard on myself because I am so lazy and often let things I begin fizzle out. Thanks for your vote of confidence. I’m glad you are liking my cards.


  3. Hi Christine, I’m slowing down too, and we are still in the 2nd week. I guess we need take our time, and do what we can. Your card is very funny and you were really creative, good job!

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