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A strained brain!

Hello people, I hope you are having a lovely weekend.

I’m enjoying myself, despite my brain being well and truly drained after setting up a ‘workspace’ in my new Liquid Story Binder XE environment. (No, I’m not an affiliate.) This morning, I watched another couple of tutorials, presented by Rosepetals1984, and I think I have everything under control.  Here is a photo. I couldn’t work out where the screenshot went, or if it’d shot the screen in the first place!

LSBXE workspace

LSBXE workspace

When I purchased my last secondhand computer, it came with this whopping LG Studioworks monitor. Since I had intended writing at the other computer with the flat-screen, I decided to have this one on my desk. It’s got a woof in it, which I cannot straighten out. But it isn’t as noticeable as in the image. I might get myself a new widescreen soon. What a workspace that would be!

I’ve since started on the timeline. That’s tricky learning curve. Probably should watch the tutorial again, or read the manual.

Yesterday, I said I was going to write the ending, before going back to start rewriting from the start. But I don’t need to do that, not now. When I moved those scenes backwards from Book two today, I discovered it was pretty much my ending solved, with just a few tweaks. So I’ve loosely plotted several more index-cards and popped them in my stack. I’m all ready to start rewriting tomorrow, and have given myself to 15th September. All it will take is BIS (Bum In Seat).

After all the fiddling I’ve done with the individual scenes, I know the story pretty well and I expect the rewrite will be pretty easy. A lot easier than all that useless tinkering I’ve done so far this year.

Vika 530pro

Vika looking cute this morning. (Maltese, Silky terrier, Shitzu Cross)

On our walk this morning, the Shetland pony wandered close enough for me to whip out the camera. Using the Nokia 530 today.  It’s just gone 6pm here. I’m making cheesy ham scrambled eggs for tea (dinner, whatever).

shetlandpony530ProLater, we’ll watch a western, Open Range, via Presto. We take turns picking movies.

I take notice of the plots, and I feel clever when I spot foreshadowing. I also work out the moral premise and character arcs, too. The time is not wasted. Besides, I have to spend some time with Mr R.

Catch you tomorrow.  🙂


6 thoughts on “A strained brain!

  1. It sounds like your strained brain resulted in a burst of creativity and productivity, Christine. I’m happy for you and the progress you’ve made, and I’ve loved Shetland ponies since I was a toddler.

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  2. Christine, I admire your tenacity learning about computers and managing to utilise your new learnt knowledge. Glad your book is coming along so well. Vika looks as if he’s had a bath, what a lovely animal! ❤

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    • If I keep saying my writing is going well, I’ll eventually believe it! I’m avoiding it today, so far, it seems. I better update the widget in my sidebar, that’ll keep me honest – and motivated. Thanks Barbara.


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