Cockatoos on my fence

Nokia Lumia 530

Had six of them here before the lorikeets turned up and scared them off. I’m always amazed when that happens.




11 thoughts on “Cockatoos on my fence

  1. sue says:

    Chap next door used to have a Cockie, always used screech F I O N A (his daughter’s name) when it was time for her to be coming home from school. Ended up giving it away to a friend with a farm.

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  2. sue says:

    It’s amazing how smaller birds can make bigger ones back off. Once had 2 crows being chased by sparrows or finches, wasn’t close enough to see what they were, was amazing how they worked together to drive them away.

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    • I think it’s the tenacity of the little ones, they won’t give up, and it’s hard for the crow to watch two or more attackers. It usually takes just the one lorikeet to clear the cockies.


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