On my fence.

And the show goes on.


laying claim to seed


me too


come on … make way


as the seed dwindles, and more birds arrive, tempers flare


and a bit of jostling takes place


this spot is mine, I said


I make a movement, and they’re off, but not for long, one comes back


some won’t bother coming back, but the regulars will, even though they obviously suspect I’m still there behind the flimsy net curtain

Nokia Lumia 530 windows phone, cropped, quality reduced. Images will enlarge if you click on them. On my PC, a second click gets them almost filling my screen. Hope you enjoyed seeing the cockatoos again, so soon.

Have a good day.  🙂


14 thoughts on “On my fence.

    • Word spreads. Sometimes I forget to look before I put out the seed. On that day there was a flock of over twenty, just past next door, foraging on the ground. Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Carol Ann says:

    The wing-spread bird in the picture labeled “this spot is mine, I said” has such great ‘attitude’ and the bird with its beak in the ‘attitude’ bird’s face is having none of it. It would make a great comic strip…I never tire of their antics…more, please.

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    • I’m glad you enjoyed my images, Carol Ann. I was so pleased to capture that particular moment, as I never really know what I have until after I finish snapping.


    • Oh yes, Kayti. There is one that likes pole position by the water dish, where the biggest pile of seed is. Things started to get nasty once more than 5 or 6 birds arrived, so now I spread the seed out, but they still jostle and fly back and forward over each other. It’s really entertaining.


  2. Driving down the North Midlands Highway the other day for work, there is a certain paddock where you are always guaranteed to see them, I reckon their were over a hundred scattered there.

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