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Up Early

Photo taken on the Nokia 530 WP this morning.

The temp reached well over 20C today – not sure how high it got as we were out all day. Two hours driving to get there, but spent some time sightseeing (and the usual getting lost) on the way home, taking three and a half hours!

This time I did take pictures for sharing. Stay tuned. Sending this from my Nokia.



9 thoughts on “Up Early

  1. Sue says:

    Great, family trips were all about taking side roads & not knowing where you were going to end up. Always great fun. Lot of singing to keep us kids occupied. Any time we came upon an orchard bearing fruit, Auntie was out the car like a shot. Supposed to have reached 29 here today.

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    • It was minus 2 here this morning, hard to believe the weather can change so quick! Strange going out to clean windows in shirt sleeves – borderline if I needed a jumper today. I will tonight, it’s quite chilly out already. I can imagine your Auntie climbing over the fence – what a bad influence on the children! 😮


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